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Name:Dani Reese
LAPD Detective Dani Reese had a weak relationship at best with her father, retired police officer Jack Reese, but under his attempts at guidance, she somehow managed to follow in his footsteps. He didn't want her to join at all, actually - it was the encouragement of his partner, Karen Davis (who eventually became a lieutenant and Dani's boss) who served as a role model for young Dani, and after years of training, Reese was selected as one of the few woman to go into undercover narcotics division. But she was already a weaker personality in her early years, and somehow the line between cops and criminals became very blurry. The drugs took over, and Dani spent the next couple of years in a vicious cycle of addiction, recovery and relapse. Only with Davis' help did she seek treatment and rehab, and she's been clean for twenty-six months to date - at least from the drugs.

As a unique form of punishment for her poor behavior, she was assigned a partner: Charlie Crews, fresh out of jail and serving the prison sentence for which he had been wrongly accused in the first place. With his love of fruit and his attitude about Zen (the latter of which tends to drive her crazy more than anything else), he's both the best and the worst choice for her to end up going in alongside. For the most part, she's not going to let him get under her skin - except when he does. His unique outlook and his unorthodox way of going about cases first frustrated her, but eventually, she came to the conclusion that it somehow worked for their partnership, and they've even embarked on a relationship that might even be classified as 'friends'.

Despite the fact that she is lacking in what some might call the height department, she still makes a formidable detective due to her take-no-crap personality and her snarkiness. She's quick-witted, quick-thinking, and quick-on-the-draw, and when she takes out her gun, you know she means business. Raised by one of the toughest cops in the LAPD's history, she learned early on not to let anyone push her around, which made it a little difficult for her to actually get a partner in the first place. She's ever the alpha-female, but a lot of her confidence and smugness is only masking a scared little girl who would rather run from her demons than stand up and fight them. She hid a lot of her pain through drugs and alcohol, and only after a self-intervention did she realize that she can't fill the darkness with either of those things, and proceeded to give it up (well, the drugs, at least; she's still working on the other stuff). Admittedly, she's almost as damaged as Crews - perhaps even moreso, but she'll never actually admit to it, because, well, she doesn't want to admit to having any problem, really.
The character of Dani Reese belongs to Life. Sarah Shahi belongs to herself. This journal is exclusively for roleplaying, and no profit is being made. Both mun and character are over 18.
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